CategoryDescriptionExamples from 2018 awards
MobilizerThe project/team that demonstrates the greatest successes with mobilizing citizens, volunteers or networks for collective action for the SDGs.In 2017 a small group of young people started Youth SDG Action Morocco to raise SDG Awareness. In one year they led more than 15 workshops around the country and captured the views of 17 thousand Moroccans on the SDGs. link

SDGs Youth Training Canada

Additional infoThis category is for initiatives that engage people in actions with a deeper investment of time than simple awareness raising actions. Examples of mobilisation include: collective or coordinated actions across cities/countries, series of SDG workshops, engaging communities in joint programmes or activities, large public demonstrations, and more
StorytellerThe most impactful or innovative  project to capture powerful human stories to help communicate the interconnectedness of the SDGs in people’s lives through different mediums.In Bangladesh daughters of garment workers aged 7-15 were trained to capture their daily lives in a short-film documentary,  raising awareness on supply chain transparency and the need for empowerment of women and girls. link

Additional infoThis category is focused on powerfully communicating about the interconnectivity of the issues underpinning the goals – with bonus points for explicit references to the SDGs.  Different mediums for storytelling could include new media such as virtual or augmented reality, films, photo stories, cartoons, illustrations, performance.
CampaignerThe most impactful or innovative communications campaign (local/national/international) to raise public awareness about the SDGs and/or people’s role in SDG action.The City of Ghent challenged other cities in Belgium to mobilize people in creative actions for the SDGs. In Ghent 23 city departments took part and overall 6,000 citizens in 6 cities participated. link

Additional infoThis award targets campaigns where messaging appeals to broader or different audiences, who are not already supportive of the goals.
VisualizerThe most impactful or innovative initiative using visual or creative representations of data to influence decision-makers and the public of the importance of the SDGs


In Lanet Umoja, Kenya, each household was surveyed on aspects relating to the SDGs: security, food, agriculture, livelihoods, education, health, energy, water and sanitation. The project worked with community leaders in Kenya to identify the development gaps and most pressing needs. link

Additional infoThis award focusses on projects where complex concepts become readily understandable by visually presenting information in a compelling way. These may be animations or infographics which have reached a large or different audience, or form powerful reporting tools to governments
ConnectorThe team/project that demonstrates innovative or impactful ways to engage multiple stakeholders or build networks to generate the transformational change needed to make the SDGs a reality.Unreasonable Group brings together leading edge technologies & SDG solutions and matches them, during a two week gathering, with world-class mentors, select foundations, sovereign wealth funds, policy makers, multinational executives, and private equity firms to help scale-up their efforts to meet the SDGs. link

Additional infoWhile this category can include events that connect stakeholders, it is also seeking projects that  creatively harness commitments or actions from different community members or stakeholders – for instance apps to trade skills/time or provide information for sustainable actions
IncluderThe project/group that makes the most innovative and impactful effort to ensure that excluded groups become part of the SDG dialogue and decision making in their community or at international levels. Leave No One Behind!Youth Power Accountability Advocates provided sexual and maternal health education to over 1,000 rural teenagers and mothers in Ghana, helping girls avoid pregnancy and stay in school and while also representing their views at national level and the UN. link

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Additional infoThe focus of this category is on civic empowerment rather than on SDG implementation. Ex. an initiative that engages HIV+ marginalized populations in SDG decision making  is more aligned with this category one that reaches them with medications.
CreativeThe most impactful or innovative initiative that harnesses artistic expression to spur SDG Action and awareness through creativity, empowering and connecting people
In Nigeria the Creative Youth Initiative Against Corruption supports young people to tackle SDG issues through literary arts, painting, and digital communications. Their creative animated video campaign reached over 1 million people. link

Additional infoArtist expression such as performance (song, theatre, dance, spoken word), art installations, paintings, poetry, animation and more. While creativity will be an element in many categories, this category focuses more on the process of engaging and empowering people in the SDGs through creative arts- rather than on the resulting story or message itself.