Honourable Mentions

Be The One Campaign

Making the Goals more accessible and actionable through creative media campaigns and educational initiatives

At a time when the world is grappling with the uncertainty of COVID-19, spiking social unrest, increased nationalism, and the looming deadlines of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Humanity Lab Foundation’s Be The One Campaign inspires a sense of collective humanity, hope, and action for the Sustainable Development Goals. The campaign leverages creative media to shift the narrative and inspire localized ownership of the SDGs, globally. Overall, Be The One’s creative campaigns and advocacy videos have reached over 27+ million people in 162 countries.

Performed by award-winning international performers IZA and Maejor, the campaign’s launch hit song, ‘Let Me Be The One,’ invites listeners to realize their own power in creating change. The song is anchored in a message of love, peace, empathy and solidarity with those suffering at the hands of social, political and economic injustice. As of March 2021, the campaign song has had 12.6+ million YouTube listens and 14+ million downloads. It has also been featured at high-level global events including the World YMCA Global Summit, United Nations 75th Anniversary Concert, and the SDG Action Zone during the United Nations 75th General Assembly.

Anchored in a commitment to drive action for the SDGs, the campaign’s flagship Harvard-designed Outrage to Action: Adaptive Leadership and Change Management Masterclass (provided by the Humanity Lab Foundation), has been taken by 12,500+ change agents and emerging leaders from 156 countries. The training equips community-leaders and organizations with the tools needed to sustain the political and social pressures of creating change, thereby mobilizing a global community of thought-leaders committed to inspiring new ways of thinking and ‘doing’ to achieve the SDGs.

The Be The One Campaign is an initiative of the Humanity Lab Foundation, launched in collaboration with Warner Music Brazil, United Nations Brazil, and the United Nations Refugee Agency Brazil. Campaign creative partners include Humanity Lab, LLC, Cummins & Partners and Can & Will Creative Studios.

Through creative media campaigns, strategic partnerships, and change management trainings, Be The One is inspiring localized ownership of the SDGs on a global scale.