WWII Veteran Raised More Than £32m for NHS for 100th Birthday

United Kingdom | Europe As the country struggled to contain Covid-19, Captain Sir Thomas Moore, a UK citizen and WWII veteran, wanted to ensure that NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients received care of their own. To celebrate his 100th birthday, Captain Moore asked people to donate to NHS Together Charities for him […]

#LockdownNotLockup Campaign Reaches Out to Victims of Gender-Based Violence

Lebanon | Arab States Cases of domestic abuse in Lebanon have skyrocketed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Already existing gender-based violence risks at home and public spaces are exacerbated due to self-isolation, misuse of power, heightened tensions, financial uncertainties and disruption of life-saving services. On 16 April, ABAAD launched a nationwide awareness campaign amidst lockdown […]

La Olla Comunitaria Serves Food to People in Need

Guatemala City | Latin America When Byron Vásquez realized it would not be safe to operate his coffee company while Covid-19 was being contained, he worried that with so many people out of work, there would be a huge need for access to food. He started the Olla Comunitaria initiative to raise funds and provide […]

Touching Lives Outreach International Assists Rural Communities

Ghana| Africa Touching Lives Outreach International raised funds to purchase and distribute rice, cooking oil, drinking water, vitamin supplements, face masks and hygiene products to communities in Ghana’s Central Region, thereby providing individuals with a secure source of food and essential items during lockdown. Hand washing sensitization seminars were held for those in rural communities. […]

É um Restaurante Distributes 400 Meals Daily to Homeless Amid Closure

Lisbon, Portugal | Europe Due to the global health crisis É um Restaurante, a restaurant located in Lisbon, closed its doors to the public. This closure, however, has not prevented this restaurant’s staff from coming together in solidarity by preparing and distributing 400 meals daily to Lisbon’s homeless population. The restaurant itself has the mission […]

Kadıköy Solidarity Network Promotes Solidarity

Kadıköy District of Istanbul | Europe Based in Istanbul, the Kadıköy Solidarity Network has been created with the aim of promoting solidarity and bringing the community of Kadıköy together during this time of uncertainty. This network has responded to the urgent needs of local health workers by handcrafting face masks and face shields which they […]

WarnMyLungs Provides PPE to Health Facilities and Food to Vulnerable Villagers

Indonesia | Asia and the Pacific Warn My Lungs is a lung-caring platform dedicated to preserving #LifeOnLand by focusing on eco-friendly practices while improving access to health care. This initiative stepped up in response to the global pandemic by distributing over 700 protective suits and face shields to over 20 health care facilities located throughout […]

School Nutrition Program Continues Providing Food to Needy Families

India | Asia The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme started to provide meals to hungry, malnourished students and ensure their school participation. The network now boasts 600 volunteers, not including the tens of thousands of teachers within schools that receive nutritious breakfasts. Over 500,000 students in need at more than 6,000 rural and underprivileged areas across India […]

Safari Doctors’ Journey for Change Program Cares for Insecure Communities

Lamu, Kenya | Africa Safari Doctors reaches remote communities in Lamu, Kenya to provide residents with primary health care services. Through their Health Ambassadors programme, young men and women promote positive health and hygiene practices, thereby becoming health leaders in their communities. Despite the challenges faced by this initiative in the light of the COVID-19 […]