Winners will be invited to join and feature their work at a special UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony held at UN Headquarters in New York City.

Winners will be recognized as SDG Action partners and their work will be featured prominently throughout the year to raise their visibility and share their stories with the SDG Action community.

Yes! Reapply if you have done something new in the past year or if there have been further impacts that you can tell us about to strengthen your previous submission.

Everyone is encouraged to apply. Initiatives led by UN entities and national governments will be eligible for honorable mentions only.

Initiatives that have been closely co-developed with the UN SDG Action Campaign or as part of a signed partnership agreement with the UN SDG Action Campaign are not eligible. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please contact us.

All applications will be reviewed by the UN SDG Action Campaign team before being submitted to an multi-stakeholder panel of experts for final scoring and review. The judging panel will be composed of a variety of sectors engaged in the Sustainable Development Goals implementation – to be announced soon! In the meantime, meet the 2019 UN SDG Action Awards judges.

The window for submission will run until 25 May 2020. Each submission will then be reviewed by the technical review committee and judges, with all winners being notified by late summer.

Entries will be assessed to determine whether they are a good fit for one of the three categories of the UN SDG Action Awards: Mobilize, Inspire, Connect. Each initiative will then be scored for the degree to which it is considered to have an outstanding IMPACT, an innovative or transformative APPROACH and if it is REPLICABLE/SCALABLE.

All winners will be notified by email by the UN SDG Action Campaign and contacted directly to plan their participation in the UN SDG Action Awards program and to build the story of their initiative.

The winners will be publicly announced at a special UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony held at UN Headquarters in New York City.

Organizations can enter into multiple categories if each entry represents a different initiative. Please do not apply with the same initiative more than once. If you are unsure which category is the best fit for your initiative, you can identify up to one additional category in your explanation of how your initiative fits that category. The entry will be assessed under the category for which it is deemed to be the best fit by the reviewers.

Yes. You can choose to tell your story in your own language. However please note that, as with all communications concerning the awards, applications will be judged in English. Therefore translation software will be used if necessary, subject to the language skills of reviewers. Please feel free to share supporting videos in your language. Click here for guidance on how to add subtitles to your video.

The SOLIDARITY AWARD will honor the most heartwarming and impactful acts of humanity that improve the lives of others, inspire resilience, and lift hopes in the ongoing global health crisis. In the midst of the global health crisis, we see strong examples of solidarity among people everywhere. Acts of kindness and solidarity are burgeoning, helping neighborhoods, communities, and people everywhere to adapt to the new norm.

From local heroes, to stories from the other side of the world, nominations can come from everyone, everywhere, thus distinguishing this this special awards category from the main three awards categories: Mobilize, Inspire, Connect.

The Solidarity Award calls for inspiring and impactful actions that have the power to lift hope and demonstrate the connectedness of humanity during this time of crisis. What separates this award from the other categories is the duration, process and organization of the action. Impactful human stories are arising across the globe where communities in isolation are coming together to celebrate healthcare workers, provide comfort in times of loneliness for vulnerable members of society and demonstrate – through acts big and small – that each person has a role to play in solidarity for humankind. Nominations in these categories will feature acts that have been borne out of the current global health crises, and will shine a light on the power we have together, whilst apart.

This award category will focus on the story and the remarkable efforts that individuals have taken to create a sense of community during this time. Unlike the other awards categories, they are unlikely to be long-term initiatives but rather beacons of hope that we very much look forward to sharing far and wide, to further build a sense of solidarity when people all of the world need it the most.

The application for the Solidarity Award is much shorter process and we are calling for anybody, anywhere to share actions that have inspired or impacted them, even if they have no connection with the action itself.

The 2020 version of the UN SDG Action Awards will introduce a few changes from previous years:

  • Reducing the categories from 7 to 3, mirroring the three strategic pillars of the UN SDG Action Campaign: Mobilize, Inspire and Connect;
  • Introducing the SOLIDARITY AWARD, which will honor the most inspiring and impactful acts of humanity that improve the lives of others, show resilience, and lift hopes in the ongoing global health crisis;
  • Moving the location of the UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony from the SDG Global Festival in Bonn, Germany to UN Headquarters in New York City.