Connect | 2020


Connecting and mentoring young people in Syria and Syrians abroad to rebuild better

EntrePioneers 2030 is the first social platform connecting young people in Syria and the MENA region and Syrians abroad, to develop new solutions, work with experts to scale up their impact, and together rebuild Syria and create a more sustainable and just world for all.

Since its launch in 2017, the platform has provided tools and connected experts with over 2,500 young people in Syria in 6 governorates. During the COVID-19 pandemic over 1,300 young entrepreneurs have been mentored virtually. Their network allows for public and private organizations to easily identify opportunities to collaborate with young entrepreneurs, resulting in over 50 sustainable development projects taking off in Syria.

Given the ongoing crisis, EntrePioneers 2030 is making a difference by inspiring and mobilizing youth affected by poverty, lack of opportunity and displacement to channel their ambitions and become an active part of building a better future for their communities and our planet. Their initiatives are successfully creating a positive impact on the Syrian community, creating a network of SDG change-makers, and reducing inequality and knowledge gaps, while setting a great example that can be scaled and replicated in any region.

Engaging youth in decision making, investing in their ideas and creativity, while uniting and connecting their efforts are small, yet important steps to achieve the Goals