Mobilize | 2020

El Avispero

Making 2 million voices that have been silenced heard through a digital citizen action and crowdsourcing platform

El Avispero is a digital platform for agents of change to work together to build a more peaceful, active, diverse and sustainable country. Boosting citizen participation in a country where silence is the norm requires creativity and thinking outside the box. In Colombia’s 2016 post-conflict environment, Movilizatorio, a social innovation and citizen empowerment lab, recognized this opportunity to gather voices that had been silenced and to provide a collaborative space to create initiatives oriented to peacebuilding, social innovation and civic technology by creating El Avispero.

El Avispero has activated more than 2 million citizens, making voices that have been silenced for decades heard through digital actions and crowdsourcing platforms; awakening hope with over 40 social campaigns; achieving changes like the inclusion of citizen proposals in the 2018-2022 National Development Plan of Colombia; and showing that the power of people coming together is stronger than the sound of any rifle. During this time, they’ve mobilized more than 100,000 people to get involved in collective action, promoting the co-construction of citizen initiatives alongside over 1,400 organizations.

Movilizatorio has mobilized millions of people in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia around climate change action, participation, peacebuilding, education and more by building bridges between citizens, decision makers and institutions. El Avispero accelerates action on the SDGs by promoting participation, inclusive decision-making, the representation of youth, equity, education, and peacebuilding. This initiative plans on scaling up by reaching new audiences, implementing more campaigns, conducting workshops and conversations for organizations in post-conflict territories, and developing a new technology platform to improve and facilitate participation amongst citizens.

We empower youth in Colombia to take an active role in the creation of a better country. We’ve shown that the power of people coming together through collaborative processes is stronger than the sound of any rifle.