Mexico | Latin America

A group of young social entrepreneurs have joined their efforts and knowledge to face the sanitary crisis of Covid-19. The group started the project #HopeMakersMexico to donate 3D printed face shields to health workers in communities with difficult or no access to basic hygiene materials in order to protect, prevent and reduce the number of Covid-19 infections. They started this project with their own money, investing in more 3D printers and sustainable materials to produce masks. Later, they created a website and a social media campaign to spread the initiative and receive support from their community.

While the project started in Pachuca and Mexico City, it has gradually spread to other cities across Mexico. Little by little her campaign has gained attention with some newscasts using their example to inspire young people. What this group of social entrepreneurs has achieved so far is to make members of their community feel part of the solution and not the problem!

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