Pakistan Youth Congress (PYC)

A project by Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF)

PYC work to sustain the productivity of program through the SAP projects, which are developed by participants with intention to impact the society with result
About PYC

Pakistan Youth Congress started its mission to change the lives of the youth for the better in 2009, holding annual 4-day residential conferences throughout Pakistan. PYC has become DFPF’s flagship project, enabling young potential leaders unlock their aptitude and play their parts in their community through social action projects.We derived PYC idea from Asian Youth Congress

Pakistan Youth Congress (PYC) is one of the biggest youth development project for the Pakistani youth organized by Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) annually to target the sustainable development goals in drug prevention. Every year youth between ages 18-25 years from all over Pakistan and Asian Countries participate in this project. They interact with each other and engage in efficient learning activities that facilitate their knowledge of indispensable skills related to Drug Prevention; they are also equipped with invaluable knowledge and enhance their leadership skills by interacting with social leadership and learn about social issues and identify their role as Youth Leader to work in community development by participating in SMART Projects.

There are four steps of Pakistan Youth Congress:

Pakistan Youth Congress – 4 days residential conference
SMART Project – Projects implemented by youth leaders after attending PYC
Youth Ambassadorship – 5-days Residential Training of Youth Leaders successfully implemented SMART Projects
Best Project Award

About the Organization /Team

Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) was established as a Non-Profit Organization in 2009, with the aim of creating a workforce of young, emerging leaders, capable of bringing positive, sustainable, measurable and lasting change in society.

The organization upholds a comprehensive policy and approach to Drug Prevention, Youth Empowerment, Peace and Development, Quality Education, Research, and awareness for Capacity Building.