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We provide food access and sustainability by planting inside slums and urban scenarios. We fight against hunger empowering poor brazilian communities.
Comunitarius UA is a sustainable initiative from Brazil composed by young researchers, local leaders and volunteers. The founders of this group are Lucas, Flavio and Mayane, they were classmates at college during the Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences. The aim of the project is to provide food access in poor communities located around the federal capital named Brasilia. There are several urban slums around our state, where poverty and hunger are public health issues. The people that live inside this communities struggles daily with high crime indices and violence. At college we put together our studies and draw up something that could bring hope and peace inside these chaos scenarios. Therefore, Urban Agriculture became our baseline to plant food right on the urban landscapes. Planting fresh food in slums brought a new strategy of empowerment for the local community. Our working plan started with identifying prior locations, where hunger and food access were harmed. Then, we buy or make campaigns to get donations of seedlings, land, equipment and organic manure. After that, we mobilize the community to plant, we stay few days inside the local teaching them out to grow and cultivate their own food. Today, we have already implemented three urban gardens. One inside a nursery school in a poor neighborhood. The second one, we create a garden for school kids of a public institution. And the last one, we made a big garden and workshops for Autistics teenagers of a Public Mental Health Center. Our staff work with them generating a new inclusion process by the install of new pedagogic and therapeutic place for all patients that are assisted by that Institution. The project had provided fresh veggies for several families, that are planting, promoting health and creating new green areas producing food in a sustainable way.

About the Organization /Team

Comunitarius is a volunteering group of researchers, students and local leaders here Brazil who aim to change for better our urban zones near downtown. We are located right on the heart of Brazilian Political and Economic power. Our team are composed by Lucas DeAlmeida - Nutritionist and CEO, Flavio Augusto - Nutritionist and Chef, Mayane - Nutritionist, and Bruna de Oliveira - Urban Agriculture Specialist and Nutritionist. We have met each other at Fiocruz Brasilia Research Health Center.
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