Sindh Water Relief Project

A project by Pakitan Peacekeeping Mission (A Volunteer Group of Farhan Wilayat Butt)

It was a great challenge to gather volunteers and to collect funds for arrangement of clean and healthy drinking-water but finally we did it for public health.
Tharparkar is almost desert and have no permanent fresh water source. Because of this problem, children in interior Sindh are especially vulnerable to water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, worm infections, typhoid, and hepatitis. So, in order to provide fresh, clean and healthy drinking water to locals, we established Sindh Water Relief Project for construction/ repair of water-wells and installation of hand-pumps in interior Sindh by collecting charities and donations. Through this project, we earned following benefits:

Arrangement of Healthy Drinking Water:
The villagers were previously bound to drink brackish water but through this project, they are now able to drink clean drinking water.

Reduced Hardship of Women & Children:
Water scarcity affects women because they're responsible to fetch water from long distance for entire family. Women cannot leave their households even for social functions. They remain unable to entertain friends due to water scarcity. Young boys and girls also have to postpone their career development activities due to responsibility of fetching water. Fetching water effects children’s education too. So, through this project, we reduced the daily hardship of women and children.

Reduction of Water-Borne Diseases:
Children are vulnerable to water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, infections, typhoid, and hepatitis. These diseases are common where people have insufficient access to clean-water, coupled with lack of adequate hygiene practices, and low access to health services that worsen their lives and increases risk of disease outbreaks. Through our project, we reduced risks of water-borne diseases.

Improvement of Health:
Through this project, we ensured smooth provision of this public health necessity to deprived people and to prevent thousands of Pakistani children from dying.

Reduction of Time & Labour:
Women are usually bound to spend hours to fetch drinking-water. Even we found women traveling (almost 5-miles everyday) to fetch polluted water from small ponds. Through this project, we helped them reducing daily labour and time.

About the Organization /Team

I gathered a team of volunteers and coordinators from the villages of Tharparkar through social media and then started a project under title of "Sindh Water Relief Project" for constriction of water-wells and installation of hand-pumps in the villages of interior Sindh, Pakistan (especially in Tharparkar, Umerkot, Dadu and Sanghar districts of Sindh) where clean water is not available and the locals are bound to drink brackish water. Project Management Institute (USA) rated this project among the "Top 3 Community Service Projects" of Sindh region twice (during their Karachi-Pakistan Chapters 2017 and 2018).
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