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Bring diaspora communities together again using technology to revive their war-crises torn cities, and bring the opportunity for everyone anywhere to help them.
Reviving Home aims to help displaced people to rebuild and revive their war-crises/ torn cities. it connects The owner of destroyed property, workers, engineers, real estate companies, volunteers and social mobilizers in local destroyed areas, connect them with global to collect donations, loans and investments.
It started in Syria and then scale globally.
The first initiative started in Homs/ Syria June 2014, when it is allowed for people to come back to old Homs city to see what happened for their destroyed areas. There was no Organization exist in this moment no authority and hopeless. I launched the first initiative asking my neighborhood people to reopen there stores and live again in their flats.
How we do it? First of all the communication, connect all the neighborhood people ( like one street neighbors ) in one of social media group and then start to plan a steps and activities and courage them to work together and help each other.
Then everyone has need can launch his need on Crowdfunding platform to spread the need and rebuild our area from bottom up.
Our platform helps owners to acquire the necessary funds and to find reconstruction experts on site. These experts coordinate and oversee each reconstruction project locally working together with both volunteers and workers. We thus encourage early reconstruction from the bottom up - one house, one neighborhood at a time.
The most innovation part is how we can be transparent and track all payed money, so everyone can see exactly where his money goes.

Revive the destroyed areas because of the war or crises and bring Hope for people and restart their lives again.

About the Organization /Team

Reviving Home is a crowdfunding platform that assists people with rebuilding and reviving their crisis-torn
cities. It helps to reconstruct private property by connecting property owners with reconstruction experts,
workers & volunteers and micro funders.

This solution came after years of working in many initiatives,after all those experiences we believe that we need more big solution to help more people faster.

Reviving home won 2 prizes in 2018 ( Fist place) as an innovation social sector using technology in Berlin.

My name is Hadi Soufan, i am an architect and social entrepreneur. we are architects,engineers, IT; AND A very active volunteer team.

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