rewire colors and graphics with social movement storytelling

A project by KAHANU

uses visual language to tell stories about local social movements and design edutainment dialogues to reach across the aisle
The project aims to fold the gap between youth and Indonesian NGOs by using the medium of storytelling artwork on fashion accessories as well as creating a new opportunity income.

Realizing there are a lot of early stage to medium size local NGOs with great missions that are struggling with resources in human resource and financial to promote their causes. T-shirts, dad caps & pins are the first choices for a lot of NGOs in their promotional merchandises and many of which are only marketed among their own circles. KAHANU started in Sept 2016 uses our set of skill in visual art and storytelling found this opportunity to optimize NGOs merchandise using storytelling artwork on products to amplify their causes to greater audience and create and inclusive dialogue on their respective missions.

We involve design students and the NGOs to create edutainment discussions and quality artworks on products to hook more people’s attention that derives from researching on and listening to the NGOs social cause narratives. The edutainment discussion events are designed to engage both social movers and fashion goers where otherwise they won't be in the same room. The storytelling artwork on products it gives a chance for the stories to be launched and to be promoted through a wider retail platform.

This approach hopes to transform such NGOs to adopt and create their own commercial wing to eventually sustain their resources in promoting their causes. Using our products our NGO collaborator's stories that have managed to reached the audience in The World Economic Forum 2018, to international customers in Japan, South America, Europe and for the pool of design students involved, they have picked up to engage further in the respective NGOs activities become their participating volunteers.

About the Organization /Team

Zsa Zsa, founder, Graduated from ESMOD Fashion School Jakarta, active volunteering in social organization. Passionate about serving the fashion industry as conceptor, educator and excecutor for its expansive challenges and its ever-dynamic terraine as it encompasses her educational background and professional interest. Rahma, finance, Graduated from UGM Majoring in Finance, worked for Nestle and Al-Azhar Organization on the finance division. Familiar with complex organization financial structuring from bottom up
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