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Juventud Sostenible is an initiative which seeks to include young people through projects that promote innovation, inclusion and collaboration for global goals
Juventud Sostenible is a platform for youth civic action that promotes education, awareness and public participation within young people related to SDG; this initiative works as a space to promote the inclusion of youth within local processes of consultation, training and local implementation of 2030 agenda. Throughout the last two years, the involvement of more than 2,215 young people has been achieved in different spaces, powerfully impacting more than 23,000 people.
The project began in 2015, when a youth group motivated by their achievements in the National Declaration on Youth and Climate Change thought about promoting more spaces which welcome youth in public policies spaces related to development. This platform offers an innovative scope, since it is the only civil society initiative that offers direct links between youth and sustainable development agenda in Dominican Republic, especially involving youth from LGBT community.
Through this initiative, four important projects have been developed under a mixed cooperation approach and have contributed to the involvement of dominican youth in the implementation of the 2030 agenda. These projects include: (1) Rally x ODS (SDG youth rally) that involves the knowledge of the SDGs through a strategy where young participants get to know spaces in their cities while solving gamification challenges based on the SDGs; (2) Academia Juvenil 2030 (2030 Youth Academy) that is constituted as a training academy focused on each one of the SDGs in which young people learn from experts from different sectors; (3) Awareness through action, focused on strengthen youth in order to become SDGs spokespersons and multipliers in schools, communities and institutions; and (4) representation and participation opportunities, where we manage that young people (mostly from LGBT community) can participate in consultation spaces for public politics about equity, gender, environmental sustainability, education and social development.

Juventud Sostenible

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Juventud Sostenible is a youth group, framed under civil society, which serves as an initiative to promote the inclusion of young people in spaces linked to sustainable development, trying not to leave anyone behind in the framework of national implementation in the face of the agenda 2030. This initiative is driven by young people and directed entirely towards young people, impacting other sectors of the community, and fully driven by the growing need for inclusive opportunities for young people to become aware, learn and participate in development processes.
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