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BitLumens combines energy access and promotes financial inclusion through solar technologies and the blockchain.
BitLumens is building a decentralized, blockchain-based solar micro power-grid for the 1.2 billion people without access to electricity and banking. Before installing the solar panels and batteries we collect KYC data on each of our users. We target individuals that do not have access to the power grid. Users pay Bitlumens solar kits in installments using BLS tokens and if they miss a payment the devices are locked. The tokens unlock solar devices, meaning family members can also send remittances to pay for electricity and unlock a machine at 1% of the total amount. At the end of the paying period we provide users with access to their data and a credit score, promoting financial inclusion.
Utility companies and financial entities can have access to the collected data using BLS. This will allow to mitigate operational and financial risks and support them with better business development schemes. BLS dont have a value but are used to tokenize data.

About the Organization /Team

We are a team of developers, economists, engineers and environmental scientists who
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Realated SDGs
5 Gender Equality 7 Affordable & Clean Energy 8 Decent work and economic growth 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 13 Climate Action