Young Somalis for SDGs Project

A project by Fathi Initiative

Engaging the Somali Youth on Sustainable Development – ON THEIR TERMS, ON THEIR TURF!
Young Somalis for SDGs Project is a unique project that aims to work with Somali youth and women to raise awareness of the SDG goals and how it applies to the Somali community. Our approach is to go schools, colleges and universities all over Somalia and communicate the importance of SDG’s in the daily lives of our audiences. The team behind this effort will include Fathi Bashe, a youth activist renowned for his groundbreaking campaign for the promotion of SDG’s in Somalia. His actions have attracted international praise including from Helen Clarke, former prime minister of New Zealand. Furthermore, Fathi initiative will be supported by a board of advisors that cut across civil society including Jama Muse Jama, founder of Hargeisa Cultural Center, as well as a host of other renowned Somali leaders who will be ensure that the host institutions will allow full access to their students. This initiative is the first of its kind to ever take place in Somalia and despite the many challenges of advocacy in the Somali region, we believe that the goals of SDG’s are too important not to face these challenges. By meeting with so many young people, we will engage with the largest audiences ever assembled in the country. Our end goal is that every young Somali boy and girl will not only understand what SDG’s are about but will be able to digest, personalize and spread its core values to other people within their community.

About the Organization /Team

Fathi Initiative was started by Fathi Bashe, a youth activist and recent university graduate who has become a social warrior for issues that have been plaguing Somali youth and women including environmental degradation, corruption, unemployment and poor education standards etc. He has made a name for himself for successfully using the platform of social media to raise awareness around these issues. With the support of Jama Muse Jama, Ayaan Mohamed (Somaliland ambassador to the UK) and Ilyas Dualeh (Djibouti Minister of Economy and Finance), Fathi Initiative is well-placed to take the lead in promoting SDG’s throughout Somalia and Somali region.
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