hope beyond transitional centre

A project by just one africa

intiative creative approach entails creation of empowernment to the victims and perpetrators of FGM and Early Child Marriage.this ensures awareness is received.
The aim of this project is to rescue girls who have undergone through FGM and early child marriage. It also considers other forms of abuse like incest, defilment, assault and many others. The target population are girls of below 18years who have also beenabused. Basically, a wider view being children coming from a viunerable backgroung.
Generally, there arevarious stakeholders who are involved in this project including the officials from the government like police,chiefs, community policing ambasadors and community members.
The project started in 2013 when we realizedthere was that need from the grassroot level to ensure that the voice of the victims who undergo majority hrough FGM and early child marriage are heard.
I do it through rescue missions, community dialogues and ensuring legal procedure are followed.
It is in a way that each day application of better solutions to bring healing from various traumatic situations is considered
it is transformative as it changes the whole situation into a positive scenario.the impact has been the healing that takes place,all non starters being able to work hard and deliver in academic work.

About the Organization /Team

.hope beyond transitional center is a christian centred home that accomodates girls to a larger extend,boys not being exempted though,from various forms of societal abuse including FGM,Early child marriage ,incest,defilement and assault.it is focused on ensuring good health and well being for the children ,safe environment,quality education,clean water and sanitation is provided.on the other hand,just one africa being the organisation behind hope beyond ensures that all resources are provided and at the required time for the smooth running of all the daily routine of the centre
Project CategoryCampaigner
Realated SDGs
3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 6 Clean Water & Sanitation