Be a proponent of change, 2019’s resolutions.

A project by Iberdrola

At Iberdrola we believe that we can change the world. Turning SDGs into New Year’s resolutions is how our employees plan to do it and you can watch it!
At Iberdrola, we are working to meet the United Nations 2030 Agenda, with a special focus on SDGs 7 and 13. We believe that our employees are a key part to reach the Agenda. We all contribute to achieving these goals with our daily work. However, the challenge is bigger than that. Outside of the office, in our personal life, we can also perform an infinite number of small actions that will help confront the challenges posed to our planet and complete the pending tasks of ending poverty, reducing inequality and slowing down climate change.
It was the end of December, perfect timing to list your goals for the next year. We thought we’d transform the guide with the 170 actions to change our world published by the UN into New Year resolutions.
We asked our employees what they´d do to change the world in 2019 and we produced a video testimonial featured by 30 employees from 8 different countries and in 6 languages, who had already transformed these actions into their own resolutions. These actions can be as basic as riding your bike to work, washing your clothes in cold water, recycling more, or making children aware of the importance of fighting climate change. These employees acted as ambassadors to spread our company´s commitment and encourage others to comply to the SDGs.
Additionally, we asked the rest of the employees to sign a New Year resolution aligned with the SDGs and share it with us via e-mail. So far, we have received as many resolutions as SDGs and along the year we will be monitoring their commitments and communicate them internally.

About the Organization /Team

Iberdrola is an international leader committed to low-emission energies: it produces and supplies electricity to more than 100 million people.
Iberdrola pledges to the decarbonisation of the economy. As a result, we stand out as a leading renewable energy company and we have reduced our emissions in Europe by 75% since 2000, reaching levels that are 70% below the average figures of the European companies in the sector.
Iberdrola have embraced the UN' Sustainable Development Goals since 2015, and this initiative has been led by the Department of Sustainability, within of the Innovation area, which reports directly to the chairman.
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