6 Films on End Violence Against Children

A project by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI)

This project uses filmmaking to engage children in EVAC issues. Children learned, deepened the matters and acted to end violence against children.
This project made children as a center of end violence against children campaign. This film is from children to children and for children. It started in January 2018, when children age 14 – 17 mapped the violence against children problem in their neighborhood. They discussed the roots of the problem and then turned it into film stories. The children, collaborated with young filmmaker, produced the films. In total 42 children from slum area, involved in the film production. Usually, children are only object in the film. This initiative placed the children as subject. They voiced their voice on matters related to SDGs number 16.2. The impact is visible. The children are now brave to stand to voiced their rights. They talked to government in Jakarta, campaigned it in their community, using the films as discussion tool.

About the Organization /Team

Wahana Visi Indonesia is a Christian humanitarian social organization that works to bring a sustainable change to the welfare of children, families, and communities living in poverty. WVI dedicated itself to cooperate with the most vulnerable communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, and gender.
Since 1998, Wahana Visi Indonesia has carried out various community development programs focusing on children. Hundred thousands of children in Indonesia have been benefited from WVI’s accompaniment program.
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Realated SDGs
16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions