#DimulaiDariSaya #ItTakesMe Campaign, All canals lead to End-Violence Against Children

A project by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI)

This project used what we call “Violence Reality”. We bring the experience close to the public, so they can feel what the children felt. We use the emotion
WVI held “Dimulai Dari Saya” It Takes Me to End Violence Against Children Campaign. This initiation uses all canals to bring awareness and knowledge on why we should stop violence against children. We use theatrical acts, social media, films, flash mobs, and street mapping experience activities. Our target group is millennials. Around 80 young people, mostly Y generation, involved in this project. They involved as initiators and players and engaged thousand people. The project started from February 2018, when WVI endorsed Faculty of Communication Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta, Qlue smart application, DoSomething YCAB initiatives, and Child Forum to act together on violence against children issues. Each organization uses their expertise to raise the issue. Bina Nusantara University held an inspirational talk and theatrical acts on ending violence against children. Qlue smart application released a system that people can report any child abuse in the street of Jakarta. DoSomething YCAB. Child (Youth) Forum staged a real-life experience of violence against children. These activities encouraged the audience to declare their commitment to end violence against children.

About the Organization /Team

Wahana Visi Indonesia is a Christian humanitarian social organization that works to bring a sustainable change to the welfare of children, families, and communities living in poverty. WVI dedicated itself to cooperate with the most vulnerable communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, and gender. Since 1998, Wahana Visi Indonesia has carried out various community development programs focusing on children. Hundred thousands of children in Indonesia have been benefited from WVI’s accompaniment program.
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