Laughter is the Foundation of the Happy Heart

A project by Yoshimoto Kogyo Company

Using entertainment as a tool leads to a breakthrough to various ideas. Entertainment is a driving force for taking the initiative to solve social issues.
In order to fill the world with smiles by 2030, we started the promotional activities to spread the initiative throughout Japan and the world. We mustered people who didn’t know about SDGs to be motivated through the entertainment content. All of our staff members and celebrities belonging to our agency (comedians, athletes, artists, and intellectuals) are learning about SDGs and taking actions. Also, we cooperate with local governments, corporations, and educational institutions who are working on SDGs projects. We create entertainment content and host events to make laughter as a driving force for SDGs. Examples include Laughter × SDGs, Music × SDGs, and Sports × SDGs. The concrete examples of collaborative projects are Academic-Industrial Collaboration with universities, working with municipal governments who promote SDGs, and events overseas as part of the promotional activities. As an entertainment company, we are hosting innovative events and projects by combining film festivals, music, sports, and SDGs. We spread the idea of SDGs and “Barrier Value (disability as strength)” throughout Japan. Athletes, comedians, and celebrities belonging to our agency host events and projects which are accessible. We provide accessible places for crafting and exhibiting artworks for all. In order to achieve the goal of filling the world with smiles, we believe it is necessary to have equal opportunities, a clean environment, and to aim for better lives for all. That should lead to the future filled with hopes and dreams. While working on such projects, the employees and celebrities in our agency became more motivated and positive about bringing ideas on how to practice SDGs. 

About the Organization /Team

Yoshimoto Kogyo Company is a 106-year-old entertainment company with a basis of talent management. It runs 14 theaters, produces 5000 plus TV programs a year, owns more than 100,000 video content, and runs CS channels with TV stations. In addition to that, Yoshimoto Kogyo, with the aim of revitalization and contribution, is bringing smiles to the regions of Japan and various locations throughout Asia under the relocation program of the comedians and employees.
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