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A project by CiFoS - Citizens for Sustainability

#Cycletowork has brought new life into work commute by bicycle. There is participation and continued engagement now from business, society & government
A substantial amount of traffic during peak hours in urban areas is due to work commutes. This causes congestion and pollution. #Cycletowork is an initiative to move a chunk of these trips to cycling either as complete trips or as the last mile. Traditional cycle to work programs relied on individual motivations and discreet single day events in companies. In order for Cycle to work to be sustainable over the long term, incentivization is the key. Infrastructure for cyclists is being planned with non-existent or incomplete data on bicycle riding patterns in the city. It is important to have a consistent data set to allow for data-driven decision making by the government. Cyclists also face certain challenges while riding, which include harassment and lack of information about products and services. Example: reporting incidents, bicycle repair shops, Bicycle rentals, recreational rides etc. #Cycletowork is an initiative by the first Bicycle Mayor of Bengaluru - Mr Sathya Sankaran, co-founder of CiFoS. It attempts to bring together the cyclists, the businesses that provide products and services and the government on a single technology-based platform. https://cycleto.work is a global multicity platform which as of date has 115 companies across 6 cities clocking more than 40,000 km represented on a leaderboard. The platform pulls the ride data of employees to their workplaces on a daily basis. The employees register themselves and their companies on this website. The website also lists bicycle repair shops and partners who provide incentives. The campaign has a facility called #motorage which allows people to list harassment incidents anonymously. The principle behind the #Cycletowork program is to have more people in the companies sign up and perform as many rides to their companies as they can. The leaderboard at https://cycleto.work/leaderboard, reflects this in the ranking methodology.

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Citizens for Sustainability, a non-profit trust. It is a citizens group working transforming neighbourhoods for sustainability & better quality of life. We work on transforming urban infrastructure through sustainable design interventions, participatory planning, funding & maintenance best practices. We achieve social change thru programs like cycle day, walk to school, waste segregation and other empathy building initiatives. The following are the primary domains for intervention: Mobility, Safety, Environment, Health, Education. CiFoS is backed by technical arm called UrbanMorph, with urban planners and domain experts to provide domain expertise & design capabilities.
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