WeltFAIRsteher - The sustainability contest

A project by CHANGE – Chancen.Nachhaltig.Gestalten. e.V.

We integrate the SDGs in German school curricula. In a creative contest pupils learn to think and act sustainably.
Back in 2015, four students, Andreas, Jana, Max and Julia, met on a sustainable development seminar in Bavaria, Germany. The idea of creating a tool to implement the SDGs on a local level and encourage young people to learn about sustainability did not let go of them. Aware of the possibilities of high quality education, they developed WeltFAIRsteher.

WeltFAIRsteher integrates education for sustainable development in German school curricula through a creative contest. Our interactive, SDG-based challenges encourage pupils from age 10 onwards to implement sustainable solutions in their everyday lives. The contest targets pupils from all school types in Germany and their teachers, who are responsible for the local supervision of the project. Teachers familiarize with the project in workshops, which we offer in collaboration with other social initiatives and universities.

During one year, pupils work on challenges that engage with different aspects of sustainability. These are centered around the topics Energy & Mobility, Nutrition, Climate Change, Production & Consumption, Social Responsibility as well as Water & Resources – just like the SDGs. More than 60 challenges are available online. Whenever a class of pupils fulfills a challenge, they are awarded points. After a milestone of points is reached, the class is rewarded a sustainable surprise that range from “Oxfam Unpacked” vouchers to sustainable drinking bottles.

The students work independently on the challenges and take on responsibilities. By doing so, we transform the way they think and act. At the same time, we encourage teachers to offer quality education on SDGs by using innovative, interdisciplinary and digital material. WeltFAIRsteher is the first initiative to transform the SDGs into little tasks and to implement them in German school systems across various subjects. Since 2016, over 1800 pupils and 50 teachers from all over Germany have participated in our project. They accepted the challenge!

About the Organization /Team

We are a team of 10 motivated young professionals, doctoral researchers and students with highly diverse backgrounds. All of us work voluntarily and with great passion to make WeltFAIRsteher the best alternative to a traditional style of education. While the founders coordinate the team, the rest is organized in working groups operating on Communication, Challenges & Evaluation, Finance & Fundraising and IT. As a team, we are highly flexible, dynamic and non-hierarchical.
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