Academia Basura Cero / Zero Waste Academy

A project by Fundación Basura / Foundation for Waste

The project triggers creativity in any person by recovering the value our waste holds through practical reusing education activities and entrepreneurship.
The Zero Waste Academy aims to transform normal people into transformation agents who generate 50% less waste than a regular citizen. The main target are individuals from 20 to 35 years old from Santiago, Chile, even though people from 14 to 60 have went through the program from 3 different regions of the country. This also impacts indirectly on the beneficiaries’s families. The project started the year 2016 thanks to a public fund given to our organization. The first pilot was applied to students and their teachers from 3 different schools from Santiago. We created one class for each zero waste strategy making a focus on waste prevention, prolongation and sustainable management. The methodology is always theory and practice at the same time. It is innovative because the main focus is on prevention instead of recycling, which is the most known strategy. Our goal is to empower people who worries about generating less instead of recycling more. It is transformative because one of the requirements to get your diploma is to do “something” in your community, no matter the size of your action. So far, we have impacted 300 people in Chile through our presencial course and 11600 worldwide people through the online version. Our work on SDG Nº12 was also recognized by the National Youth Institute and the Ministry of Social Development on 2018.

About the Organization /Team

Fundación Basura was funded in 2015 by three friends from volunteer activities. Today, it’s composed in its core by five empowered women: executive director, journalist, sociologist, economic and environmental engineers. It also as a collaboration team, composed by different professionals working on environmental assessment, graphic design, education, and others. We are bound by a common wellbeing vision and passion in what we do and want to accomplish.
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Realated SDGs
11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 13 Climate Action