Clean coal from water hyacinth and crop residues

A project by GreenAfri of NGO JEVEV

From a community problem to solve several problems at once
With this simple gesture, we were able to touch several aspects thanks to our small company GreenAF of the NGO JEV. Between teams of young people, we organize the cleaning of some rivers in the OUEME valley, the second largest valley after the Nile valley in Egypt. We harvest these unwanted plants to allow aquatic species to breathe and thrive while enjoying good sunlight (GDS 14: aquatic life). At the same time, we make streams clean because it is the water hyacinth (GDS 6: Clean Water and Sanitation), a plant that infects our streams. After collection, we transform them into clean coal in addition to crop residues (SDG 9: Innoavtion) that will allow us to face and fight deforestation. It is a small industry that currently employs a small proportion of young men and women (SBD 5: Gender Equality) and all earn a salary that allows them to meet their different needs (SBD 8: Decent Work) and in everything we do to best fight poverty (SBD 1: No Poverty).

And when this undertaking is bigger, we can involve more young people and go further in this struggle. It is not poetry, but we are our way of contributing to the achievement of the various United Nations goals for sustainable development.

About the Organization /Team

GreenAfri is a young organization under the NGO JEVEVEV. It is composed of young people and led by one of our best young people, Mathieu DOHOUNHEHO, who now lives in Brazil. This organization operates mainly in the fields of the environment, water, agriculture, etc.
Project CategoryCampaigner
Realated SDGs
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 5 Gender Equality 6 Clean Water & Sanitation 8 Decent work and economic growth 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 13 Climate Action 14 Life Below Water