Kaloum Bankhi (Home of Kaloum): A Migration of Architecture

A project by Team Kaloum Bankhi

An innovation in affordable housing for the slums of Kaloum, Guinea. KB proposes an intervention that will support social change and sustainable architecture.
Kaloum Bankhi: A Migration of Architecture is a project about ecology and community. With cost-effective building materials, sustainable methods, and a community process, the project crafts a path toward improving housing in the slums of Kaloum, Guinea. This project introduces a shift to sustainable materials that are vernacular, local, and suitable to Guinea’s dry and humid climate. At the same time, Guinean architecture and culture are celebrated with this alternative housing solution that is built by a community, for a community.
Kaloum Bankhi addresses the housing need by maximizing the use of minimal existing spaces. A new cost-effective home is introduced with movable features to enable multiple configurations of one flexible space. Migration is here used to express the growth and spread of collaboration among Kaloum communities to their immediate neighborhood and physical environment. Kaloum Bankhi takes inspiration from the "Shotgun House" concept for a series of connected rooms. The concept originated in West Africa before migrating to Haiti and Louisiana in the United States. Thus, this migration or movement begins from the one-room dwelling and expands to the neighborhood and then to the city. A room can be a home and so can a city. Everyone is connected. An inclusive habitat results and architecture and community actively shape each other.
The project began with the construction of a $6000 prototype designed by our team in June 2018. The project uses recycled corrugated steel and wood - locally sourced and climate appropriate materials - as an alternative to the typically favored concrete and cement bricks. These new materials have historically only been used for the construction of structures deemed insignificant but are here integral to the architectural scheme. Construction of the prototype revealed an opportunity for a social venture providing further housing and jobs to unemployed Guinea youths.


About the Organization /Team

Kaloum Bankhi is an organization with the goal to build affordable and sustainable housing for the communities of Kaloum. With overpopulation and a growing number of Slums, Kaloum Bankhi aims to provide through its innovative approach hope, safety, sanitation and warmth to Guinea’s most vulnerable populations. To meet the goals it has set, Kaloum Bankhi put together a team of very skilled, diverse, and passionate individual with various backgrounds, whether in Architecture, Engineering, Economics and more.
Despite having a great team, Kaloum Bankhi relies and in fact encourages the participation of local communities, thus fostering new opportunities for young ones.
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Realated SDGs
1 No Poverty 3 Good Health & Well-Being 6 Clean Water & Sanitation 7 Affordable & Clean Energy 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 10 Reduced Inequalities 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 13 Climate Action