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#CSRShareday is a unique campaign which brings together far-reaching communities to create a global conversation of change.
5 years ago, a man called Alan Walker came up with the idea of having people from across the globe share how they live sustainably. From this, #CSRShareday was born.

#CSRShareday is a 24 hour online campaign where sustainability champions start a dialogue with millions of events professionals, sharing best practice, experiences and ideas to inspire sustainability and CSR. This global collaboration results in millions of learning opportunities on how events can achieve the UN SDGs. We also share a post-event report throughout the year, to our community of over 70,000 association professionals, to maximise its impact. #CSRShareday creates a global conversation of change.

#CSRShareday involves ‘hosts’ from all over the world who get an hour on the day to tweet how they practise sustainability and CSR, and most importantly, encourage others. For example, challenging professionals to meatless Mondays. Each host picks a theme; one of the SDGs. Last year themes included but were not limited to: Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and Gender Equality.

This initiative is the first of its kind to bring together communities from all corners of the world and we are proud that we gather sponsors to make it self-funding. Utilising the power of social media, #CSRShareday reaches a diverse group of people, including individuals who have never before considered the importance of sustainability. This campaign transforms the way sustainability and social responsibility is discussed, making it accessible for everyone and supporting the idea that caring for the community and the environment needn’t be expensive or challenging.

In 2018, it brought together individuals from 6 continents and over 15 different countries. 1.6 million people were reached, with 414 contributors and tweets with the #CSRShareday hashtags being sent out at a rate of 1.12 per minute. #CSRShareday has an enormous impact which will only increase.

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On April 21st 2017, get involved with #CSRshareDay! #CSRshareDay is a 24 hour Twitter campaign, where sustainability champions across the globe host an hour of conversation discussing CSR and sustainability! Let's create a global sustainable event industry!

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Positive Impact Events is a not-for-profit set up by Fiona Pelham in 2005. We aim to create a sustainable events industry by 2020, by providing inspiration, education and resources to the local and international community. We do this by creating educational content, innovating creative ways to help sustainability champions measure their figures to achieve to ISO 20121 certification, growing our ambassador community to help spread the message of sustainability and training associates.
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