Snow leopard as part of the biocultural heritage of Kyrgyz

A project by Public Fund "Rural Development Fund"

The project is intended to awareness building of the local population of remote communities about snow leopard and its habitat through collection of the TK
RDF’s initiative is being implemented during last 4 years, intended to preserve the snow leopard in Kyrgyzstan, increase public awareness about wild life of Northern and Western Tien Shan through engaging local communities in their protection. Ongoing projects are dedicated to support of conservation of snow leopards and their ecosystems by enhancing the integrity of Kyrgyz communities through linking cultural identity, traditional knowledge and holistic landscape stewardship. The initiative is taking place in Kyrgyzstan, in Kemin district, Chon-Kemin valley, Ayil aymak “Shabdan-Ata”, which is a part of Western Tien, and Talas district, Besh-Tash valley, Ayil aymak “Kalba”, which is a part of the Northern Tien Shan.
Initiative involves students of schools of Talas and Kemin districts through participation in Educational Camp and organization of the campaign in order to increase awareness among young people about local ecosystems and snow leopards, local flora and wild life. Participants of the Camp prepared the performance about small snow leopard, which was also presented on «World Nomad Games 2018». As result of these activities, children have established the “JIBI Friends” volunteer club.
Local elders, custodians of traditions and practices of national hunting, elder hunters, members of pastoral network “Kyrgyz EL Akyl Kazyna” have been participating in the initiative through providing in Educational Camp as trainers.
The project includes different activities: Summer camp on pastures in yurts for children from remote mountainous communities, educational trips “Following the steps of snow leopard” to National Park “Chon-Kemin”, meeting with forestry officers, setting camera traps, art contests and other activities.
The initiative is focused on change of perception of local communities regarding the significance of the wild life and ecosystem through involvement of young generation in preservation of nature and wildlife and creation a dialogue between young people and custodians of traditional knowledge in order to ensure continuity

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