Civic Education and Participation for Women Project

A project by Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative

The Civic Education and Participation for Women Project | Addresses the under-representation of women in civic spaces and encourages participatory governance.
The huge gaps associated with the participation of Nigerian women in politics needs urgent intervention by both governmental institutions and the civil society, to encourage women to participate in politics and be actively engaged in elections.

The project addresses this problem in Kaduna State, Nigeria by working with women in communities to tackle issues such as apathy, patriarchy and limited knowledge of political rights. EWEI's project team works with a lead delegate and other delegates who act as mobilizers for the project activities in selected communities that reflect the urban and rural setting of Kaduna State. The project inputs and activities include evaluation surveys, empowerment seminars, community engagements, use of social media, interest groups and reflection seminars.

Since 2010, the project has been actively engaged in various communities like Tum and Malali. In 2018, activities included baseline surveys, training seminars, and community engagements. The Town Hall, which was the last engagement for the year hosted female political candidates who were from different political parties who interacted with the public spread across different demographics comprising of both genders and drawn from different constituencies, to discuss issues such as internal democracy and the place of women and women mobilization before, during and after electioneering periods. They also answered questions about their vision if elected.

The project is innovative as it is an NGO's effort at changing the political behavior of women from being apathetic to active participants in political spaces. An impact from project activities is that more women are civically engaged to become involved in politics and governance.

About the Organization /Team

Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative (EWEI), founded in 2008, is a registered non-profit based in Kaduna State, Nigeria with a specific focus in the area of women and girls empowerment.

EWEI's mission is to provide multi-sectoral interventions for the development and empowerment of girls and women in communities and this is done through the following programmes: Civic Education and Participation for Women Project (CEPWOP), Economic Empowerment Partnerships (EEP), Educational Subsidy Programme (ESP), Empowerment Seminars (ES), EWEI Online, Getting Involved (GI) and Know and Say No (KSN).

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