A project by FoodLogix

Worldwide, millions of tons of food are recycled every year, while people face the problems of hunger and malnutrition — we offer a solution to this problem.
Once in the supermarket we saw how the store staff pick up the products, the shelf life of which is coming to an end. We were struck by the amount of dairy products that were destined to be wasted.
At that moment we thought about such questions as: what can be done to reduce the amount of food waste and what can be done with products with a short shelf life? How is it possible that there is so much wasted food if some people struggle to survive and feel hungry?
So there was an idea of Foodlogix.
Now together with the team we are working on this project. The Foodlogix project is an online platform that publishes a wide range of unsold products from large hypermarket chains. The resource helps stores sell products with a limited shelf life and allows customers to purchase them at the lowest price. For the rendered service resource charges 15% of the transaction amount, 10% of which goes to landscaping and targeted assistance to socially vulnerable people.

About the Organization /Team

Ekaterina is the captain of the team and the author of the project idea, working daily on its improvement and implementation.
Dmitry is a technical developer of an online resource, his task is to design a website, to develop a creative concept, and to create a design concept.
Dmitry is working on creating and developing the layout of the pages of an Internet resource, layout of pages and templates, optimization and placement of site materials, its testing and making adjustments to it.
Bogdan the head of the volunteer movement.
Averina Maria is responsible for broadcasting environmental education activities among students.
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Realated SDGs
12 Responsible Consumption & Production