Experiencing SDGs (Conhecendo os ODS)

A project by ENGIE Brasil

ENGIE prioritizes awareness to SDGs for children through an education program that will stimulate their cognition skills and construct a path to citizenship
The project uses entertainment activities to promote knowledge about SDGs, especially to children that study in public schools located in vulnerable areas. The project had it first edition in the city of Paracatu, located in Minas Gerais, a Brazilian interior state. Despite the central activities being focused on the kids, the project impacts all the community as it brought the discussion about SDGs even to television, where a local journal showed the program happening.

The project includes the following activities:

1. Lecture: Introduce the initial concepts about the SDG and present the activities that will be done during the experience.
2. Workshop “Ressignificar” (Give a new meaning): Recycle workshop that explores creativity and teaches children how to transform recycled materials in toys.
3. SDG Game: Giant board game where children are part of the board and they reply questions about what they learn about SDGs
4. Exposition: Children make educative art through recycled materials and expose their work while they teach what was learnt for people that were not engaged on the program.
5. Physical activities: Explore psychomotor activities while playing, making them experience their own bodies
6. Clean fishing: Fishing game (wish paper fish) that explores conscious about rivers and oceans
7. Lab: Practical experiences about water resources around the area where children live
8. Educative Play: The story allows children to be part of the play, while they engage in changing their own reality


About the Organization /Team

The project was developed in a partnership between ENGIE and NTICS Projetos, a company with more than 15 years of experience in management of social projects that was chosen to bring awareness to the communities around ENGIE projects.

ENGIE is a global energy and services group, that operates in 70 countries, founded on low-carbon electricity production, energy infrastructure and customer solutions. Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the company’s strategy and its environmental and social commitments contribute to achieve the SDGs.
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