Saving Animals & Nature One Story at a Time

A project by Anak Rimba Books

We tell stories about endangered animals and the environment in a creative and simple way, engaging children early on conservation awareness.
Anak Rimba Books was created by Abyan and Farah in 2017 who both had a shared interest in promoting creative content that focuses on conservation awareness primarily in Southeast Asia. Anak Rimba means ‘Children of the Forest’ in Bahasa. Our mission is to save nature and animals one story at a time by creating awareness on their issues. Using creative storytelling, we give endangered animals and the environment a centre stage. We want to cultivate nature loving children and instil in them universal values such as kindness and respecting nature and animals. Storytelling is an effective education tool for learning and teaching. Children become engaged and remember the message better. By presenting endangered animals in a cute, loveable and memorable way, we aim to create an emotional connection between the child and the animal in focus. We also bring our stories to life through supporting activities such as jungle walks and art workshops.

There are a lot of animal and nature content for children in the more developed countries but there is not much available that focus on conservation awareness and endangered animals especially in Southeast Asia. Research has shown that Southeast Asia has the highest relative rate of deforestation of any major tropical region. It is estimated to lose three quarters of its original forests by 2100 and up to 42% of its biodiversity. There is an urgency to promote the importance of conservation awareness in this region especially to our children.

Our solution involves a multidisciplinary strategy using a balance of creative storytelling and serious facts. Our books are also amplified on various media platforms and translated to different languages to increase the exposure of the message. We engage various stakeholders involved in promoting conservation awareness such as NGOs, parents, schools, corporations and the government.

About the Organization /Team

Abyan and Farah are the founders of Anak Rimba Books. Growing up in a city like Kuala Lumpur, they were not exposed much to nature as urban children. As adults, they were shocked to learn that more animals were going extinct during their lifetime and felt compelled to do something. They believe if their generation had been taught early with values to appreciate nature, there would be less damage to our biodiversity today. They write stories on conservation awareness to ensure that the next generation after them will grow up loving nature and help reduce further impact to our planet.
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