A Glimpse Into a Future Free From Gender-Based Violence

A project by Dianova International (Organisation Internationale Dianova)

The year is 2030 and – great news – we have achieved our goal to end gender-based violence! But what was it like in 2018
More than 1.500.000 people impacte
This campaign was launched in November 25th as part of the global movement around the “16 days of activism to end gender-based violence” (Nov 25 – Dec 10). Dianova’s strategy was to look back at 2018 from the future in 2030, under the hypothesis that we have achieved the SDGs (e.g. SDG5, SDG4, SDG8, SDG16) and have ended gender-based violence. We wanted to show what a reality of gender equality would look like and what would the gender relations and power balance would be in such a context, by highlighting the mechanisms that have been put in place to ensure the conditions for a safe and equal world for everyone.
The imaginary reality created for this campaign is what we aim to achieve by 2030: we have become a society in which violence against women and girls is no longer tolerated. But what was it like before and what was needed to change in order to accomplish such a reality? How do these changes impact in the human behavior and in the way society perceives the role of women and girls? These are some of the questions addressed by the cartoons of this innovative campaign, targeting specific contexts such as domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace, and access to education.
The campaign had an online and in-person strategy. The images and educational texts were widely distributed in social media and shared by relevant partners, including the Global Survey and Women’s UN Report Network. It resulted, among other things, in an invitation to speak at a UN Women’s webinar on sexual harassment. In addition, we engaged the private sector by partnering with 7 local restaurants in Barcelona in a collective effort during those 16 days, to raise awareness on gender-based violence and the 2030 Agenda with the general public.

About the Organization /Team

Dianova International is an NGO supporting a network of organizations operating in 20 countries and 4 continents in the following priority areas: Education, Health, Humanitarian Support, Poverty, and Gender Equality.

We also promote social justice within international organizations such as the United Nations (Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Official Partner of UNESCO) and the Organization of American States (accredited NGO status).

Key activities:
● Provide support and guidance to Dianova Network.
● Promote the inclusion of civil society in international, regional and local processes.
● Foster partnerships and cooperation between public and private sectors to achieve sustainable social justice.
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Realated SDGs
5 Gender Equality 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions