Forest Garden Training Center (FGTC)

A project by Trees for the Future (TREES)

Creating a network of Forest Garden practitioners through open source Climate Smart Agriculture training, improving food security, nutrition and income.
Despite the best efforts of organizations from every corner of the planet, poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation remain a reality for rural farming communities throughout the developing world. There is urgent need to embrace a new system of growing food and ensure that it is adopted by the people who need it the most. Over the last decade, through the application of ecological agriculture and agroforestry, Trees for the Future (TREES) has adapted a centuries-old, indigenous farming practice into a proven, replicable, scalable model for growing food, eradicating poverty, and fighting climate change. We call this model the Forest Garden Approach. To connect agriculture, health, and development practitioners across the globe, with information on implementing this successful and sustainable approach, TREES created The Forest Garden Training Center, a platform that gives anyone, anywhere the tools and qualifications necessary to carry out our Forest Garden Approach (FGA).

The Forest Garden Training Center​ is a free, on-demand, online training resource center designed to provide farmers, community and project leaders, development agents, extension personnel, missionaries, and volunteers with an easily deployable and replicable solution to end hunger, poverty and deforestation by planting Forest Gardens. By simply​ ​registering​, practitioners can explore agroforestry topics, download training resources, ask agroforestry questions to global practitioners and become a Certified Forest Garden Trainer.

The potential impact of the Forest Garden Training Center is limitless. Since its release in late 2017, users are accessing the site from over 146 different countries. With the ability to reach every corner of the world, the Forest Garden Training Center’s potential impact in conjunction with the FGA can change the way the world grows food, tackles poverty, and mitigates climate change by addressing multiple SDG’s at once.

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Forest Garden Training Center

About the Organization /Team

Founded in 1989 to combat unsustainable land use practices in the developing world, TREES’ mission is to improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. For nearly 30 years, we have worked at the intersection of poverty alleviation, hunger relief, and sustainable agriculture. Today, we accomplish our mission through two main strategies: 1) Teaching and implementing our FGA for growing food and increasing incomes to impoverished farming communities in East and West Africa; and 2) Training agricultural extension experts and food assistance organizations in Forest Garden development to amplify the approach’s impact.
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