Lines of Knowledge Program (LKP)

A project by Curitiba Municipal Prefecture

The program expands the students' cultural, patrimonial and territorial repertoire by considering as educators the city spaces, articulating them to the SDGs.
The Lines of Knowledge Program (LKP), developed by the Municipal Department of Education (MDE) since January 2017, has as its mission to promote educational actions of strengthening and social belonging and development of citizen identity, protagonism and heritage valorization beyond the formal spaces of teaching and expanding cultural horizons, allowing those involved to explore multiple spaces of the city through playful, cultural and field lessons in the school neighborhood and throughout the city.
In order to engage teachers and students in knowledge and exploration practices of the City of Curitiba (Paraná - Brazil), the program was based on three structuring pillars: knowing, loving and caring for the city. Thus, several actions are developed in partnership with public and private agencies.
These actions are directly related to the MDE school curriculum and involve all teaching levels and modalities of the municipal network.
Since the LKP has its actions focused on the development of sustainable actions committed to the goals of Agenda 30 for Sustainable Development in Brazil, it also contributes to a plural formation of students and teachers, promoting the advancement of SDGs and fostering the development of cooperative, responsible and socially conscious human beings.
In addition, the LKP is innovative in the sense of applying the concept of Educating Cities to Curitiba City, highlighting the stimulus to the development of actions focused on the goals of the SDGs, making them a part of the daily life of all.
To this date, students and teachers from 404 educational units have participated in the Program actions, totaling more than 100,000 individual participations in different environmental, entrepreneurial, cultural and patrimonial education activities in schools and neighborhoods, evidencing the change of attitude of those involved towards to the perception and the care for the city, generating sustainable attitudes and respect for the environment.

About the Organization /Team

The LKP team is composed of teachers and pedagogues from the Municipal Education Network acting in a decentralized proposal for the management and monitoring of the developed actions. The central team is responsible for the pedagogical guidance of the SDGs, preparation of pedagogical materials for teachers and students, transport logistics and articulation of other educational projects linked to the LKP. The program also has a reference professional in each one of the ten City Regional Centers. This professional performs pedagogical mediation during the course field lessons, playful proposals, and cultural extension proposals, articulating all these plans to the SDGs.
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Realated SDGs
4 Quality Education 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities