MEGA Game: Connecting People for a Sustainable Future

A project by Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA)

Through technology, gamification, and e-learning of MEGA Game, we succeeded in engaging 17 organizations and connecting them with over 1050 young volunteers.
MEGA Game ( is a map-based project management platform with elements of gamification and e-learning developed by MEGA ( and designed for environmental organizations and individual environmentalists/volunteers. This platform helps them to connect with each other and to manage environmental projects and fieldwork collaboratively within a global community.

MEGA Game is aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of project management and collaboration between organizations and individuals, while also addressing the issue of information asymmetries in the environmental and sustainability sector. The platform allows environmental organizations (called Mission Providers) to connect with young volunteers (called Green Agents), educate them on various environmental topics and SDGs, research existing environmental issues, manage their projects, monitor progress, display positive impact achieved, and report to stakeholders. All this is done in a map-based collaborative space and in a fun, engaging, and motivating way due to elements of gamification integrated into the platform, which is one of its core innovative aspects.

We began our experiments with inter-organizational collaboration and gamification in nature conservation in 2013. These “experiments” took form of a project called G.R.E.E.N. and involved 300 students from 3 schools in Moldova. In 2015, the learnings from the G.R.E.E.N. experience became the foundation of creating MEGA Game. Since then, we have been developing the Beta version of the platform and testing it within numerous projects by MEGA itself ( and by other organizations.

In terms of impact, the collaboration of organizations and volunteers on MEGA Game has resulted in 8 environmental issues researched, 2 tools to visualize environmental data created, 1720 trees planted, 10 parks and green spaces cleaned from waste, 6 tons of waste removed from ecosystems, 157 young people educated on SDGs, 14 environment-related jobs created, and 4 new environmental initiatives and organizations established as a follow-up of MEGA Game projects.

About the Organization /Team

MEGA (Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy) is the social entrepreneurial organization focused on delivering services of gamification, gamified trainings, and e-learning with environmental/social value.

The focus of MEGA is on implementing innovative solutions that address the most pressing environmental/social issues in the world. We succeed in realizing them and in helping other organizations do it through gamification, citizen science, and collaborative environmental governance.

Previously our team has organized about 20 environmental/social projects, published over 18 research works, founded 3 social startups, raised about 50k USD in awards/investments, and engaged over 4000 people into nature conservation and SDGs.

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