Girls on the Air Waves

A project by Girls Voices Initiative

We Empowered Girls on their rights using technology; they reached 70 million people with their voices
The project aim was to reach people who would normally not be reached with the message of GBV. Men, women, girls, boys, legislature and community/religious leaders were targeted in Nigeria, the West-African region and some countries across the globe were impacted. The project was conceived and implemented by Girls Voices Initiative with support from the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria and The French Embassy in Nigeria. We laid a foundation of teaching girls about their rights and facilitating them to produce a Girls Rights Instructional Video which was screened to over 43,000 girls. Because if girls are not aware about their rights, how can they defend them? We then taught the girls how to use technology (coding, google tools, filmmaking, photography, creative writing) to do research to advocate for their rights. Their research was on Gender Based Violence in their school and they presented their findings to legislators, parents, the diplomatic community and other stakeholders. The same girls that did the research were now facilitated to produce and anchor a live radio show series on Nigeria's Federal Radio Corporation. This 8 episode radio series reached an average of 8 million listeners everyday and reached over 70 million people in total. The girls presented their report to the EU countries at the celebration of the Human Rights Day; where 19 celebrities came and pledged to use their platforms to fight GBV.

About the Organization /Team

Girls Voices is a non-profit that was founded by Carolyn Seaman. We provide adolescent girls with basic life and social survival skills, digital and financial literacy skills, and advocacy and citizen journalism skills that empower adolescent girls in Nigeria. We provide engaging platforms that enable girls to share their stories and inspire other girls, and we use digital media to amplify their voices and empower the girls so they can have a positive impact on their communities. We have trained over 1,000 girls, reached over 72 million people with our programs and over 2 million people with our online resources.
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Realated SDGs
5 Gender Equality