Edmonton's Event Industry: Collaboration for a Legacy of Climate Action

A project by Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, City of Edmonton, Edmonton Convention Centre

Edmonton, Alberta: Using Partnerships to Amplify the Power of Events in Creating a More Sustainable World.
We aim to show how Edmonton, Alberta, Canada uses collaboration and connections to amplify the power of the events industry to create a more sustainable world and more social and environmental good in our city. This collaboration shows how SDG # 17 is the foundation of this project and has had lasting positive impacts on SDG # 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG #13, Climate Action.

The case happened at the CitiesIPCC Conference at the Edmonton Convention Centre (ECC) in March 2018. It was the very first conference of its kind in the world. Although the event would attract climate researchers and academics, the City of Edmonton, along with the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), saw this event as an opportunity to be inclusive. An entire public program was created to compliment the CitiesIPCC conference that invited Edmontonians (with a strong focus on Indigenous Climate Groups) to attend presentations, performances, art displays, youth presentations, etc. to get inspired about creating climate solutions.

At the individual level, 1,500 local participants were in attendance. The Change for Climate Community Event series is now part of a larger five-year program which, to date, has 1,655 members who continue to make thousands of personal commitments to changing their daily habits. The venue, ECC, played its part by diverting 67% of waste created by the event away from the landfill --showing how the events industry plays an important role in sustainability. The Edmonton Declaration, an urgent call to action for cities around the world to be in action to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, has now been signed by 20 cities around the globe and 4,500 more have endorsed it.

The City of Edmonton, EEDC and the ECC deserve recognition for this incredible display of SDG #17; to celebrate different groups coming together to create solutions and lasting positive impacts around climate change that will live on long after this event has ended.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lgCtqAvIFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLLG57UXHYo&feature=youtu.be ttps://www.facebook.com/cityofedmonton/videos/996894850502945/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/163872131@N07/sets/72157676267245737/

About the Organization /Team

In the spirit of SDG 17, there were various organizations that were a part of this collective initiative. The Edmonton Economic Development Corporation is a non-for-profit company that exists to bring economic prosperity and resilience to our city. The City of Edmonton is our municipal government body and led the work done on the Change or Climate Program and the Edmonton Declaration. The Edmonton Convention Centre is operated by the EEDC, owed by the city of Edmonton and is a community asset and a reflection of Edmonton and our sustainable culture.
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