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Decentralized global infrastructure and ecosystem enabling impactful investments and versatile markets.
In 2016, a Rice University alumnus, Chris Georgen, came together with two Rice doctoral candidates, Kim Raath and James Aman, to answer the question, "why is capital so expensive in many developing regions of the world?" They realized that the issue had little to do with commercial risk and much to do with informational asymmetry, a lack of trust, and a lack of adequate channels to safely move funds and goods. In short, this was a (digital) infrastructure problem.

Since 2017, Topl has been building the technology necessary to support more unified, impactful, and flexible markets. The company's game-changing distributed network effectively moves and proves three types of value—funds, goods, and impact—into, around, and out of any region of the world, and in particular, into emerging markets.

Now, Topl consists of a young and dynamic, but also international and interdisciplinary team of 11 employees from 5 countries, an advisory board of entrepreneurs and academics, and 2 offices one in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and the other in Austin, USA. Our network provides projects - ranging from diamond mining and supply chain transparency in South Africa to an inclusive value-chain serving the families of 8000 children in rural Colombia - in 8 countries with an infrastructure to prove and move funds, goods and impact.

By offering a universal infrastructure for both developing and impact economies, Topl facilitates the creation of an entire SDG-driven ecosystem. So whether it’s funding scholarships for Burundian Refugees, guaranteeing the supply chain for a farmer-owned organic chocolate brand in India, or measuring the impact of new solar energy in East Africa, our network is ideally suited to power the coming wave of new markets recognizing the interdependence of funds, goods, and impact.

To date, more than two dozen Indonesian farmers have benefited from being paid a living wage for a nutmeg supply chain being tracked on our blockchain. This impact is measured and immutably recorded onto our network by the Dutch NGO FairFood. See live ( transaction data.

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Topl’s 3 founders, Mathematics graduate Chris from Chicago, Physics Ph.D. candidate James from Louisiana and Statistics Ph.D. candidate Kim from South Africa, met each other during their studies at Rice University. Since Topl’s foundation, the team grew to an international and interdisciplinary team of 11 employees from 5 countries - now based in 2 offices in Maastricht (NL) and Austin (US) - guided by an advisory board of entrepreneurs and academics. There are awesome 'Getting to know Topl' blog posts here:
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