#17goals17weeks - USBE and the SDGs

A project by Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, Umeå University

#17goals17weeks is an initiative where USBE share examples of how we are working for the 17 different SDGs by using social media for weekly presentation.
#17goals17weeks was an initiative to spread knowledge about the SDGs to the business school’s shareholders and a wider public, to engage and inspire others to follow and to illustrate that contribution to the 17SDGs can take various forms. Another underlying motivation of the initiative was to show why it is central for a business school to address the SDGs in education and research and to give examples of what we are doing that relates to each one of the SDGs.

The work was initiated in the school’s Council for Sustainable Development during the spring 2018 and involved all parts of the school. The idea was to use our web and social media platforms as the mean of communication and in these forums – week by week - share information about goals themselves but also research, course contents, student’s work or other activities at the school that related to the specific goal. Each week started with a post informing about that week’s goal followed by posts exemplifying how the school activities contributes to the specific goal.

This was a truly transformative process. We thought initially that we would make one post per week but it turned out that we had much more to tell! We made 41 different post during the 17 weeks and we presented the work of more than 50 individuals, i.e. faculty, staff or students. The initiative made it clear for ourselves, and for others, that we truly are a business school worthy our sustainability profile.
The #17goals17weeks initiative was a door opener and we was invited to talk about the SDGs and our work on sustainability in new arenas inside and outside the academia. This will create new long-lasting partnerships with a long-term impact on our work on sustainability.

About the Organization /Team

The organization behind #17goals17weeks has been the Council for Sustainable Development at Umeå School of Business, Economics, and Statistics but the main work – the input - has been done by our researchers, lecturers and students when they create and share knowledge regarding the SDGs or solutions to the issues we observe around us. The initiative had a very limited budget but we have been able to utilize the strengths of the business school support functions and the university to create the web sites, short films and the posts that makes the campaign.
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