ALMAJIRI Child Education and Social Inclusion

A project by ALMAJIRI Child Rights Initiative

Advancing sustainable development through breaking religious and cultural barriers, holding Government accountable for educational inclusion of street children
Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children in the world – with over thirteen (13) million as at the most recent estimates. The highest number of these children are in the north-east of Nigeria, currently bedeviled with security challenges posed by Boko Haram terrorists. Many of these children are victims of the Almajiri system – a currently unregulated, Islamic scholarship practice of sending children (some as young as six) to other states and nations for Islamic studies. These Almajiri children do not receive any formal education and live in some of the shabbiest conditions imaginable, with many facing nutritional challenges aggravated by daily street begging and next to no jobs or opportunities for Almajiri adults in an increasingly challenging and competitive world. forward to 38 min)

In the pursuit of much needed reforms to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our organization works to increase public awareness about the plight of these children. Our goal is to inspire policy change through evidence-based advocacy and wide stakeholder engagement campaigns that leverage new media to force and endear government at all levels into decisive action.

We mobilize traditional and faith leaders, social influencers and other citizens as well as the victims themselves to stand up for rights of Almajiri children to a fair start in life. We document abuses of children and use imagery, graphics and videos to drive advocacy.

Having started in 2014 as an attempt at reversing the trend of youth recruitment into terrorist groups in the aftermath of the abduction of 276 school girls in Northern Nigeria by Boko Haram, our advocacy has led to a proposed “National Child Destitution Bill” aimed at addressing the abuse of millions of Almajiri children.

As a result of our advocacy, the plight of Almajiri children returned to national consciousness and reactivated public discourse more than ever. In the recently concluded national elections, engaged to secure important political Commitments from several politicians across party affiliations and level of governance, for the first time ever, they included potential responses to the plight of Almajiri children in their campaigns policy documents.
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About the Organization /Team

The Almajiri Child Rights Initiative is an advocacy and educational support platform that amplifies the call for social inclusion of vulnerable children in Northern Nigeria.

In 2018 we launched “Almajiri Child Rights day” to draw global attention to their plight

We then made a presentation to the Nigerian parliament on a legislative bill aimed at addressing child destitution

Our advocacy later won the 2018 Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG) International Peace Builder award
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