Family Planning in Bangladesh-Improving Quality & Access.

A project by Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio Communication (BNNRC).

Increase the use of modern contraceptive methods by women, including adolescents and young women
- The aim of the project is to reduce maternal mortality by contributing to improved access to FP services.

- The targeted participants were women, newlyweds and adolescent. The implementing community radio stations are Radio Padma, Mahananda, Borendra, Chilmari, Pollikontha, Naf, Lokobetar, Meghna and Sarabela.

- BNNRC developed a one pager on goal & objectives and activities of the project and circulates it in website and copy of same sent to all selected radio stations located in different part of Bangladesh. One of the major selection criteria was densely populated, social & religious stigma/taboo on family planning (FP) and sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) issues.

-The project was started on September 2017 with the partnership of 09 community radio stations. A MoU was made with all community radio stations. Besides, an implementation guideline along with FP primer has been developed by BNNRC and handed over to all community radio stations for smooth operation of radio programs.

- Based on invitation letter the selected station managers, program producers and radio broadcasters participates in daylong orientation training program where focused on project approach and implementation strategies. A course curriculum has been developed focusing on problems and challenges of FP and SRHR.

- The information and learning’s has been transformed through empowering people, creates space and influencing power. Besides, the young radio broadcasters are the heart of community radio station and representing the rural communities, so they will act as changing agent for social transformation.

- Reduce maternal mortality by contributing to improved access to family planning services, Improve reproductive health choices and reduce unsafe abortion, Women are able to access effective FP, safe MR services, and high-quality PAC, Build capacity of the health system to provide safe services and enabling regulatory and policy environment around sexual and reproductive health capacity.

About the Organization /Team

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is committed to promoting access to the community media for rural people in Bangladesh. Enabling people to establish and develop community-based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, education, information and entertainment in line with voices for the voiceless. Utilizing the power of community radio and communication to help reduce poverty and support community people in understanding their rights in respect to Empower People (Increasing effective political participation through multi-generation reach), Creates Space (Developing a more inclusive public space through multi-platform and multi-generation reach) and Influencing Power (Improving responsive from power holders.
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Realated SDGs
3 Good Health & Well-Being