Asia Pacific Youth Exchange - Philippines (APYExPHL)

A project by Asia Pacific Youth Exchange - Manila Inc.

APYExPHL is a leading capacity building program that empowers the youth to drive the SDGs in Action through an experiential learning platform.
With the primary mission of empowering youth to position as actors of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange – Philippines (APYExPHL) builds the capacity of youth by simulating policy formulation, social enterprise modelling and project execution focused on SDGs. APYExPHL, as an experiential learning platform, provides an avenue for meaningful multi-stakeholder collaboration and relevant soft and technical skills enhancement towards sustainable development. All of these are achieved through four learning methodologies of APYExPHL: (1) Leadership Development Training, (2) Local Immersion Program, (3) Asia Pacific Youth Symposium, and (4) APYExPHL Fellowship Program.

During the 3-day homestay with host families, delegates were able to experience and have a deeper understanding of realities faced by partner communities. Being able to witness and experience first-hand these realities have sparked the willingness of APYExPHL delegates to explore possible youth-led initiatives to address community challenges. Through the APYExPHL Fellowship Program, Project Luna from APYExPHL 6 last July 2018, was able to implement the first phase of their project proposal by providing innovative low-cost solar-powered streetlights to light up an off-grid partner community, Barangay Tulay Buhangin, Padre Burgos, Quezon.

Young people championing SDGs through youth-led initiatives, such as Project Luna, is just one of the many stories that APYExPHL is more than just a program. It is a journey that connects and enables, not only young people but multiple stakeholders to be transformational agents towards making SDGs a reality.

About the Organization /Team

Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Manila Inc. (APYE Manila Inc.) is an organization comprised of Empowered Champions (APYExPHL graduates) from the first to the latest iteration of the program. APYE Manila Inc. provides an avenue for its graduates to further develop their skills by being part Program Interns, Program Volunteers, Facilitators, and Local Immersion Program Officers.
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