Improving Food Security through Sustainable Agricultural Practices

A project by Prayatna Samiti

Formation of women Self Help Groups (SHG) in the area through which the project was designated to be promoted.
Udaipur district of Rajasthan exhibits extremely hilly terrain dominated by semiarid agroclimatic environment. The district is marked by diverse castes and ethnic groups with tribes in majority. Salumber, located around 65 kilometres from the district, is one of the blocks (tehsil) dominated by the tribal population. The project villages are remotely located, forming the disperse tracks of settlements within Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest. The major tribe dwelling in the area is Meena tribe. Due to the small amount of crop cultivated area farmers are unable to earn the sufficient incomes. Coupled with land limits the loss of crop diversity has emerged as major threat to the ecosystem. On the other hand Market-driven agriculture has caused a huge set back in production of traditional grains which are good sources of nutrients necessary for human health.

The project titled “Improving Food Security through Sustainable Agricultural Practices ” implemented by Prayatna Samiti supported by The Swallows of Finland and MFA addresses vulnerable ecosystem by fostering vegetable cultivation and minor millets in 10 villages. The project addresses women as beneficiaries with the objective to increase food security, improve livelihoods, and conservation of biodiversity and strengthened participation of local communities, including women through bio-resource management. The project till now has addressed105 families. It is through the women SHGs the activities are being promoted which has created leadership and empowerment among women. Through the trainings the women who were hardly familiar with the vegetable cultivation are now capable of vegetable cultivation. The nutrition level has seen a sudden gain with new vegetables introduced in family meals. Availability of vegetables at the doorstep has encouraged them to save seeds for next season. After knowing the nutritional importance of minor millets women started cultivation of Finger millet and Foxtail millet. They are now consumed by the family members.

About the Organization /Team

Prayatna Samiti is a non-government organisation working since 1989, committed to the socioeconomic development of poor and vulnerable rural communities of Udaipur district located in Southern region of Rajasthan state of India subcontinent. The cornerstone of Prayatna Samiti's work is its faith in the capacity of rural communities to work for their own welfare. It believes in the collective strength of communities to achieve a just society, free of exploitative forces.
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Realated SDGs
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