Spread the UN SDGs: ASEZ Global Forum to Take Actions

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Sharing what people should know first: What are the UN SDGs? As torch bearers, university students take an important role to spread knowledge to lead action.
ASEZ Global Forums for the Implementation of the UN SDGs creates a space for citizens and government officials to gather and discuss ways to realize the SDGs alongside ASEZ—university student volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God.
This project started in August 2017 in the Republic of Korea, and has since taken place in other countries including the United States, Argentina, Malaysia, Peru, India and the Philippines.
By now, thousands of people have attended these global forums to learn in more detail about the SDGs and the steps they can take to make them a reality in daily lives.
Guest speakers from various professions speak to attendees about the importance of the SDGs. Ministers of governments, governors, staffs from international organizations, mayors, university presidents are inspiring students and citizens who participate in the forum to take knowledge and action for the UN SDGS. For example, Peru’s forum included the Political Affairs Officer at United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament, and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean [UNLIREC]; the professional analyst at United Nations Population Fund; the Director of Peruvian National Police Directorate for Citizens Security; and the Supreme Judge of the Judicial Power.
All attendees—regardless of age or status—take away a deeper understanding of the UN SDGs and begin to form ideas of how to put their learnings into practice. Additionally, they witness top organizations and government bodies supporting the implementation of the UN SDGs and realize this work is necessary for a prosperous future. This project is now recommended to be introduced to the world leaders. For example, council members of Amazonas state in Brazil were moved by the project and suggested to introduce the initiative to the president, and we were invited to the presidential palace and had a meeting to introduce activities and discuss the project.

About the Organization /Team

ASEZ is World Mission Society Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, which is carrying out volunteer services in 175 countries around the world, under the slogan, “Save the Earth from A to Z” centering on Project for Implementation of UN SDGs, “Reduce Crime Together” Campaign to build safe societies to achieve the common goals of humanity, Environment Awareness Raising Campaign, Worldwide Green Campus Cleanups, Emergency Relief.
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