Climate justice and resilience through community radio at coastal areas

A project by Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio Communication (BNNRC).

Reduced vulnerability and sufferings of coastal inhabitants through awareness building and action.
- Strengthening the capacity of community radio stations and amateur radio clubs in the coastal belt of Bangladesh along with facilitating information and education as empowerment through community media.

- The targeted participants are adolescent, youth, women, and children. The implementing community radio stations are Nalta, Lokobetar, SagorGiri, Krishi, Sundarban, Naf, Meghna, and Community Radio SagorDwip. Besides, the Amateur Radio Clubs in Chittagong, Bhola, Hatiya, Cox’s Bazar, Kutubdia, and Bagerhat also the implementing partners.

- One of the major selection criteria is those who have activities on disaster risk reduction and climate change & adaptation issues. A reconnaissance survey was conducted by BNNRC with a view to selecting potential community radio stations.

-The project was started on April 2018 with the partnership of 08 community radio stations and 06 armature radio clubs. A MoU was made with all community radio stations. An implementation guideline was developed by BNNRC.

-All selected station managers, program producers, and radio broadcasters participate in a daylong orientation training program where focused on project approach and implementation strategies.

- The initiatives are innovative as it is proved that in the time of disaster, community radio is one the most effective way of disseminating weather forecast.

-The project is one of its kind, to build local resilience through the importance and implication of the right to information through an easy and low-cost source of community radio. CPP (Cyclone Preparedness Program) Volunteers has been sensitized to engage more actively in playing their role collectively.

-Build the capacity of coastal inhabitants to combat climate change as well as the enhanced ability of the Broadcasters to communicate and facilitate the impact of climate change on the people living in the coastal belt. Besides, strengthening the network of Amateur Radio by the formation of Amateur Radio Clubs in the coastal belt.

About the Organization /Team

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is committed to promoting access to the community media for rural people in Bangladesh. Enabling people to establish and develop community-based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, education, information and entertainment in line with voices for the voiceless. Utilizing the power of community radio and communication to help reduce poverty and support community people in understanding their rights in respect to Empower People (Increasing effective political participation through multi-generation reach), Creates Space (Developing a more inclusive public space through multi-platform and multi-generation reach) and Influencing Power (Improving responsive from power holders.
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