International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC)

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The global student-led movement for climate justice.
The International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC), a nonprofit connecting and empowering the global youth movement for climate justice. The mission is to provide the resources and network to allow any student in the world to lead ambitious climate justice campaigns. We were founded in 2016 at our opening summer conference in Cologne, Germany that brought together 20 youth leaders from 7 countries to forge the coalition. Since then, we have been established in 32 countries with over 500 active members and 18,000 young people directly involved in campaigns. Our method is to help communities empower themselves and implement community-based solutions. In addition to country specific projects, such as a Nigerian radio show with 2 million listeners, we have three international core programs: Plant for the Planet, Climate for Peace, and the Climate Activist Training Program.

Plant for the Planet is an interschool education program based out of West Africa that has empowered 8,000 elementary school students to stand against climate change.

Climate for Peace has two subset programs: 1) food forests; 2) using climate as a way to bridge bridges between conflict groups. We are starting food forests in three refugee camps located in Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Sudan employed by refugees and funded through carbon credits. We are initiating our building bridges program through the Indo-Pak Climate Peace Conference, that that brings together 20 Indians and 20 Pakistanis to Nepal in June 2019 to launch cross-boundary environmental projects.

The Climate Activist Training Program gives students aged 18-25 the tools to be confident activists and develop a particular environmental project, no matter how ambitious. We have hosted conferences in Nepal, Germany, Iceland, Pakistan, and Indonesia, all of which had several effective follow-on campaign projects developed by participants.

About the Organization /Team

Established in August 2016, the International Student Environmental Coalition is a network of 30 countries that provides resources and organizational power to to engage students in ambitious grassroots environmental initiatives. It was founded under the idea that any student anywhere in the world has the capacity to lead large-scale campaigns.To unite students to act against climate change globally. Their key goals are to mobilize environmental youth activists to tackle the misconception that climate change is bigger than any one person, challenge the popular belief that sustainability can be achieved solely through governmental action, and foster holistic support for individual projects.
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