Artificial-Intelligence enabled Sanitation-Solutions of Tomorrow in Rural & Urban poor-areas

A project by Congretype Pty Ltd

Conjoining Artificial Intelligence sub-systems into a Closed Loop, Ecofriendly Solar Toilet Systems enabled by free TV White-Spaces Broadband WIFI connectivity
Our project involves the engineering of a unique solar powered toilet that can thermally decompose human-faeces in a process called mild pyrolysis. The toilet operates “off the grid” without connection to water, sewer, and promote sustainable and financially profitable sanitation-services from recovered faecal-resources. A constellation of innovative technologies are incorporated including an electric-energy generating-system and Artificial-Intelligence based digital-systems transforming toilet functionality as we know it today. This gateway-system shall utilize TV White-Spaces WIFI broadband a free wireless broadcasting spectrum to enable transmission of toilet-usage data, faecal quantum information, collection scheduling and support our unique Pay-As-You-Poo Business-Model. The Water Research Commission (WRC) South Africa sponsored research sponsored the Faecal Biochar Proof of Concept research study.

Our project will guarantee access for all (urban & rural poor) to safe and advanced sanitation solutions paid through their faecal excreta (Poo Credits). Furthermore, by hypothesizing that a public toilet is a social convergence zone for the urban poor in most African countries the availability of Free TV White Spaces Broadband WIFI shall easily transform these spaces into Social Information Hubs for free internet access. This AI enabled digital-sanitation system shall also significantly transform public sanitation in poor urban areas and benefit Government and Municipal Planners in the management of non-sewer sanitation applications. This unique AI enabled sanitation system is also adaptable in existing conventional ecological toilet systems with its collected data usable for urban planning as well as sanitation logistical planning purposes.

Overall our proposed solution intrinsically contributes to SDG – Goal 6 and WASH-Goals whilst the beneficiation of human faecal-origin waste into an alternative fuel source for the poor and its application as a soil amendment could potentially stimulate localized economic ventures within the set communities and create positive environmental (less usage of chemical fertilizers) and health (less exposure to smoke) outcomes.

About the Organization /Team

The Congretype team has vast experiences in sanitation-management, green-economy projects development, implementation, project management, M&E and R&D of innovative pro-poor solutions. Organizations partnered in this initiative complement each other well with capacity in technical, business & stakeholder management. They have proven records and experience in private-sector developments and working at grass roots levels. The partners involved include Dr Anthony Phiri: Environmental-Sciences – Harare-Institute of Technology; Water-Research-Commission; Microsoft Azure – Big-Data Compute Grant and Khumbuzile Sithole - Japinos & Associates as communications-partner. We continue to promote strong coherent-partnerships with other regional research-institutions and technology-providers, so as, to increase the scale-up success-rate.
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