Stop VAW in the Gaza Strip

A project by Community Media Center (CMC)

women journalists who built their capacity to focus their media coverage on women's issues and do it more effectively.
The project “Stop violence against women in the Gaza Strip” was designed by CMC to eliminate the violence against women and raise the awareness of the public towards the serious of VAW to protect women and girls, the project included different strategic interventions including capacity building, field study, a media campaign, and awareness activities.
The project directly targets women, including 31 media activists/journalists and more than 2000 female beneficiaries in awareness activities and targeted in the project's study and media stories.
The project adopted the human rights-based approach as an approach of women empowerment and to promote active participation and self-reliance.
The project had two main outcomes, first: to sensitize the media sector to the issue of violence against women and improve their coverage and advocacy of women's issues, and second, was increasing the people's awareness of women's issues and their struggles.

About the Organization /Team

CMC was founded by a group of civic and media activists to bridge gap between the mainstream media, decision-makers and citizens that undermine ability of most vulnerable groups to make their voices heard and their stories told. Vision Towards an effective and influential Palestinian developmental media that advocates for human rights, rule of law and citizenship, so that social justice, freedom, and prosperity prevail. Mission to mobilize the public-opinion that advocates for the rights of marginalized groups by developing the role of media and new media in order to develop a culture of human rights and enhance access to justice
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Realated SDGs
5 Gender Equality