Land-based Mitigation on Karst, Critical Watershed, and Conservation Area

A project by Yayasan Javlec Indonesia

Climate change mitigation based on emission reduction and green development planning
This project aims to increase carbon stocks with land-based mitigation approach in Gunungkidul District, with the target beneficiaries are the Community in 20 Villages in 9 Districts and the Local Government.

The parties that involved in this project are forest farmer groups, women farmer groups, village youth communities, village government, Chief of Regency and related agencies such as Provincial and District Planning and Development Agency, Tourism Office Agency, Village Community Empowerment Agency, Provincial Forestry Agency. Due to the parties were involved from project planning, implementation, and project evaluation.

This project was launched in April 2016 - March 2018. As for project rationale regarding the low of participation on the communities and stakeholders in climate change mitigation, that was indicated by carbon stock baselines of 34.01 TonC / Ha which were categorized as low level (BAPPENAS, 2014).

this project running through 3 approaches, that is: increasing carbon stocks to both of Community, and State Forests, developing community-based forest management plans, and encouraging local policy initiatives related to climate change mitigation.

The innovation of this project is implemented through plants enrichment based on carbon stock accounting, develop the community-based forest management plans that are integrated with village development and spatial planning, and encouraging the initiation of local policy related to regional action plans on climate change mitigation.

Through these initiatives, it can increase public awareness to participate in climate change mitigation. The form of mitigation is carried through plants enrichment aimed at conservation area and increase livelihood diversification source. Otherwise, Local Government integrated the principles of green development onto both of the planning and implementation development region.

The impact of this project is to reduce of GHGs, improving governance in the local government and other related institutions, community economic and social improvement, improvement of the environment in the program location, and knowledge management and technology for the community.

About the Organization /Team

JAVLEC Indonesia is a NGO engaged in the issue for better forest resource management.

Vision: Become a community that has a strategic role in realizing democracy and empowerment of civil society towards achieving community welfare through program facilitation processes, knowledge development, economic empowerment, and policy improvement.

Strategy :
1. Action research, policy analyst, policy facilitation, and conflict resolution.
2. Capacity building
3. Knowledge management

Program cluster:
1. Forest good governance.
2. Community tenurial access rights.
3. Develop community economic enterprises.
4. Increased capacity of life support systems.
5. Poverty alleviation.
6. Information and communication access.
Project CategoryMobilizer
Realated SDGs
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 5 Gender Equality 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 13 Climate Action 15 Life on Land