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“The Backway” takes you to follow the steps of African migrants to understand why they engage in such a dangerous journey to Europe.
“The Backway” is a visual transmedia project that covers the main African migratory routes from its origins in West and East Africa to its destination in Europe. It aims to focus on all the people who are affected by migration and escape the usual media treatment that portrays it merely as a movement phenomenon. Because African migration is not numbers, routes or deaths; it is the people. Through the voices of those who characterize this key phenomenon of the 21st century, the project aims to denounce the violation of human rights along the route and the effect of EU migration policies, as well as to bring empathy and increase the understanding of migrant communities in the receiving countries.

During 2017, RUIDO Photo’s team, together with journalists Xavier Aldekoa and Agus Morales (experts in Africa and migration respectively) have traveled to the main hotspots of the migratory route and to the countries of origin, transit and destination in order to get a broader perspective. From Gambia to the Mediterranean Sea, passing through Mali, Niger and Libya we could get closer to the people: to those migrants who succeed, those who get stuck and those who return home, but also the relatives and friends who stay behind.

But, “The Backway” goes much further than a journalistic investigation and storytelling project. In fact, this is the base from which we build a public awareness campaign, which includes street exhibitions with photographs, text, graphics and 360º videos, educational workshops with teenagers on critical image, publication in relevant media outlets and a strong communication campaign through social media. For now, we have exhibited “The Backway” in more than 20 localities, more than 100 teenagers have been sensitized and the publications have on average 20,000 unique visitors.

About the Organization /Team

RUIDO Photo is an organization based in Barcelona dedicated to highlighting human rights abuses and social issues through documentary photography. The team is now formed by three photographers (Pau Coll, Edu Ponces, Toni Arnau), a designer (Roger P. Girones), a social educator (Laia Gómez), a communication manager and journalist (Clara Roig) and the accountant (Pablo Nandin).

In the project we also collaborated with Xavier Aldekoa (expert journalist covering Africa) and Agus Morales (expert on journalistic coverage of the human migrations).
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